Gareth Harper  FRCS [ORTH]
  Contact Office:   c/o The Spire Hospital, Bartons Road, Havant, Hampshire PO9 5NP |   Tel: 02392 456157
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Prior to your operation you will be seen by a Consultant Anaesthetist who specialises in this type of surgery. Your anaethetist will discuss all aspects of general anaesthesia, including the provision of specialised blocks sometimes useful in Shoulder surgery. These include;

  • Interscalene blocks and catheters
  • Suprascapular nerve blocks
  • local anaesthetic options.

If you have previously felt sick and nauseous after general anaesthetic your anaesthetist will be happy to discuss various options to minimise this risk.

There is an opportunity to discuss with your anaesthetist any special problems you feel relevant to your anaesthetic. If this is the case we can arrange for your anaethetist to phone you in the pre-operative period. This can be arranged via Mr. Harper's private secretary.