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Shoulder arthroplasty or replacement is usually performed to relieve pain in arthritic shoulders.

The first arthroplasty was performed in 1893 and was made of platinum and rubber. In the last 30 years Shoulder replacement has gained increasing popularity and is now a common,successful and reliable procedure for pain relief.

A variety of types of replacement are available including;

  • replacement of the humeral head (ball) only - hemiarthroplasty
  • replacement of the ball and socket - total shoulder arthroplasty
  • surface replacement of the head e.g. Copeland or Global Cap prostheses
  • replacement of the shoulder when the majority of the rotator cuff muscles have torn or degenerated away(rotator cuff arthropathy) - reverse geometry or Delta prosthesis.

More information on our surface replacement procedures can be found here; Surface Replacement Info